Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy "Mother's" Day

Mother's Day; a complicated day for step-mothers for many reasons.  Yes, I know I'm not the biological mom; the woman for whom this day was intended.  I've received countless reminders of this fact, and I certainly understand my "place".  For numerous reasons, I do not celebrate Mother's Day.  However, that does not stop me from recognizing the work that many mothers do; both biological and step-moms.

For those of you who don't hear it (or don't hear it enough):
  • Thank you for loving these children, even when they're angry with you.
  • Thank you for making sure they are clothed, even when you buy the "wrong thing".
  • Thank you for making nutritious meals, and making sure these children eat adequate amounts of all the food groups (including desserts!), even when someone hates one item on their plate.
  • Thank you for keeping track of the calendar; knowing when a cold lunch is needed and when the concerts/plays/events are scheduled to take place, even when your presence at such events causes embarrassment.
  • Thank you for noticing when the shampoo/soap/toothpaste/toilet paper is running low, even when you buy the wrong brand, and especially when you're buying these things on a weekly basis because everyone overuses these products.
  • Thank you for going out of your way to purchase someone's "favorite" brand of breakfast cereal, even if they change their mind when you bring it home, and it's now the least favorite brand of breakfast cereal.
  • Thank you for knowing to put just enough [insert ingredient here] in the food, so that someone can easily pick around them, while others can enjoy them, even if you can never put too few/too many [ingredient] in anything.
  • Thank you for the reminders to cut fingernails and toenails, even if you are "nagging" and have to issue several reminders.
  • Thank you for the numerous rides, even if you are late for the drop-off/pick-up.  Also, thank you for constantly cleaning out your car due to the numerous wrappers/items left behind during these rides.
  • Thank you for the endless supply of gift bags and cards and for helping pick out birthday presents for a never-ending string of parties, even if you are cheap and don't spend enough on the recipients.
The list can go on, but you get the idea.  Thanks to all moms who go out of their way and do things for the children in their lives.

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. THIS is where you are wrong.

    You love them - you stress about them - you care about them and FOR them. You have taken care of them when they are sick - you cook for them - wash their clothes - buy them things they need and want - you make sure their Dad has a fathers day present - and a Christmas present - AND a birthday present. If something bad happened to one of them you would feel horrible. You help then with school - take them to school sometimes - bring them things they forget - watch them in their sports/activities - and go to conferences. You replenish lunch money. You notice when they haven't showered/bathed that day. You nag them to bring clothes down for laundry. You make sure they eat healthy foods.

    You're a Mom Deb. They may not have come FROM you - but they are a part OF you and THAT is what makes a mom.

    However - you have no stretch marks - and therefore you still suck.

    Love you though and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!