Friday, March 5, 2010

"Where's My...!"

That's what I constantly find myself saying: "Where's my (fill in the blank)?!?!"

Ever since moving in with my husband and his children, over three years ago, I started to "lose" things. I'm used to having a stash of my favorite goodies to nosh on when the urge hits me. The urge, I'll admit, is a daily occurrence (sometimes several times a day), and I enjoy having a collection of sweets and treats to choose from. My weakness is chocolate, but in a pinch I'll settle for most anything sweet. Except for those weird Asian candies; have you ever tried those things?!?! BLECH!

Anyway, earlier this week, I went a-huntin' for some Hershey Kisses that I knew were in our pantry. My husband was out of town for work, which meant I got to raid the stash guilt-free and load up on sugar without him being there to remind me of the likelihood I'd end up diabetic... blah, blah, blah. So... I went to the pantry and *GASP* - no chocolate! Hmmm... maybe I'd eaten it all the night before during a sleep-walking quest for sugar. I'm not prone to sleep-walking, but maybe I'd done it...

So I decided to grab a few Twizzlers that were left over from a recent road trip. The bag of Twizzlers was there... but there were NO TWIZZLERS left in it. How is this possible?!?! I would never leave an empty bag/box/carton/container in the pantry. Throwing the empty bag is my means of getting rid of the evidence that I've eaten an entire bag of (insert diabetes-invoking sweet here). In desperation, I grabbed for the gummy bears (also a left-over from the road trip). Again... empty bag. Well, truthfully, the culprit left three or four gummies in the bag, perhaps thinking I wouldn't notice that the other two hundred went missing.

Angry - and with very low blood sugar - I sat on the kitchen floor and stewed. Those rascals ate my ENTIRE stash of sweets.

It's now a few days after the incident, and I'm still a bit ticked off. I know having kids means sacrifice. But I didn't know I'd have to share my candy!!!

Ok, ok, I think I'll live. But the thing that actually does bother me is that someone thought they could just take without asking. That is no ok with me; it never will be. Whether it's stealing money or clothes or personal items or - in this case - my prized candy stash, it's all the same to me; it's all done with the same intent. So how do we (my husband and I) teach this lesson?

I refuse to lock up my candy; in a critical situation, I don't have time to look for the keys!

Where's my sanity?!?!


  1. You tell it sister!! I'm a step mom also, and I sometimes find it very hard to deal (I am in a similar situation to yours). I don't have any advice to make your situation better, but do know that I check your blog daily and if I ever figure out the answers to all of the drama, you'll be the first to know! Keep your chin up and I'll keep looking for the answers! ~M

  2. Dear sister - Having 5 children of my own, I know the importance of hiding stuff around our house. Sometimes I even hide myself.

    With candy, I'm going to suggest being more sneaky than one would normally be.

    For instance - buy a loaf of really really dense healthy, nut filled bread. Hollow out a few of the middle pieces and fill with the candy of your choice. Place on the counter next to the "child friendly" bread. Laugh every single time one of them uses their own bread... knowing just how close they are to pure sugary goodness...

    If your dear husband is prone to eating nutty healthy bread - you may have to look other places. I would then turn to the box of tampons. Heck... buy the super super super plus ones and take half out. When he notices those have been moved to the front of the bathroom closet, he will not only stay far away from the box itself - but you will earn yourself some "alone time" too!

    Label a box "CLEANING DAY SUPPLIES" and fill with many many candies of your choice. If you want to be really tricky, put an upcoming date on the box... such as "CLEANING DAY SUPPLIES 4-15-10". Kids will stay far away from the box because, heck... they are kids. Dear husband won't go digging either since "CLEANING DAY" is just around the corner... and chances are... NOBODY will be around to help clean the day listed on the box... which means you can eat that candy ALL BY YOURSELF for the WHOLE DAY!!

  3. Ummm--just so you know eating sweets can not make you diabetic. My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and it is an autoimmune disease. Her body makes no insulin and never will. She was diagnosed when she was two years--so ya--she'd not really had any sweets. Eating a lot of sweets coupled with obesity, a genetic predisposition, and lack of exercise could possibly cause Type 2 Diabets which is a completely differnt disease. People with Type 2 Diabetes make insulin-just not enough or their body can't use the insulin effectively. Please don't assume when some one has diabetes that they ate their way to a disease.

  4. M - thanks so much for your comment. It really does help to know I'm not alone!!!

    Cathy - I'll have to try that; I'm thinking that the cleaning supplies would at least keep the kids away!

    Regarding the comment about diabetes: my statements earlier today were in jest. I am in no way attempting to educate anyone on diabetes, and I certainly don't feel I am at risk because I eat candy. Thank you for your comment.

  5. I thought your comment about diabetes was probably in jest--but really--would you joke about breast cancer or lupus or any other life threatening disease? It's hard to see the humor when your life is a balancing act so your baby can live another day so I'm sure that I am over sensitive and out to educate the world.

    PS I would (and do) hide the candy. Sad but true reality when kids are involved.