Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's been a few days since I've posted an follow-up to the drama we faced on Saturday.  What ended up happening is that my step-daughter felt remorseful for her behavior, and ended up cleaning her room (which DESPERATELY needed the cleaning!) in an attempt to redeem herself.

Of course, it wasn't cleaning her room that we wanted to see; it was a change in attitude.

After a lengthy discussion with her dad, she apologized for her behavior and was allowed to go to the movies with her friends.  No, she was not meeting boys at the theater or anything like that. Her actions were purely selfish and mean, and there was no underlying cause aside from her entitled attitude.

I explained it to her from our point of view by giving her this scenario:  We buy her a cake; it's a delicious cake and she gets to have it all to herself.  She is thrilled at this, and can't wait to devour her treat.  However, she finds out that we also bought a cake for her younger brother. Upon hearing this, she no longer wants her cake and she claims that since her brother also has one, hers will taste horrible and she will no longer be able to enjoy it.  Not only does her attitude not make sense, but she looks foolish for acting so self-absorbed and petty.  I hope that she can see the foolishness in her actions this past Saturday, and learn from them.  Only time will tell.

She did see the movie (and she loved it, by the way), and even went to the mall with her friends afterward to do some shopping - without her little brother, dad, or step-mom in the way. All-in-all, I'd say she had a fantastic day and our presence in the theater four doors down did not detract from her experience one single bit.

I'm such a mean step-mom for allowing her to have this day of fun and freedom!!

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