Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sooo Embarrassing!

So earlier this week, my step-daughter (age 12) asked us if she could go to see a movie with her friends on Saturday (today).  We asked for a few details, and she said there are two show times; 12:00 and 2:30, and they could go to whichever show time would work best for her dad and me.

Yesterday (Friday), we decided that if we were going to be bringing her to a movie, we might as well go to see one ourselves, and bring my youngest step-son and his friend to see Monsters vs Aliens.  It would work out much better to just stay at the theater, instead of having to drop off my step-daughter, then turn around and pick her up a couple hours later.

So... my husband and I made the arrangements, and this morning when we told her that we had decided to do the 2:30 show, she said that it wouldn't work for her friends, and that they had decided they want to go to the 12:00 show.

After considering our options, we decided that we could pick up our step-son's friend earlier than originally planned and go see the 12:00 showing of Monsters vs Aliens, while she and her friends saw the 12:00 showing of their movie.

When she found out her younger brother was also seeing a movie, she instantly started bawling and saying it isn't fair that he is going to be there, too.  Her dad explained that her brother and his friend won't be in the same theater as she and her friends, and that it won't interfere with her good time in the least.  However, she insisted that he would ruin her fun and that he would somehow be an embarrassment and a nuisance to her and ruin her fun.  She said he would probably need something and end up interrupting her movie to "ask for money or something like that".  At this point, her dad and I reminded her that we would be attending the movie with her brother, so if he had any issues, we would be there to deal with it.

This new bit of information set her off even more, and she was now fully sobbing, angry as could be that we would be in the same movie theater complex as her and her friends.  She said we were ruining her fun and that her friends would think it was really weird that her brother and dad and step-mom were there.

I can't believe that she would have such an entitled attitude about this whole thing.  Never in a million years would I have thought it would be a problem for us to be in the same building as her.  Her dad told her that perhaps it would be better if she stayed home and didn't risk the embarrassment of being seen in public with us.

I interjected in their conversation a few times, simply because I could not believe how ridiculous she was being about the whole thing.  However, in hindsight, it's better if I simply bite my tongue and leave my husband to the business of being the bad guy.  It's hard to keep my mouth shut sometimes (I know... big shocker to those who know me), but I'll keep working on it.  In the end, I think it's best that I stay in her good graces.

At this point, she is not going to the movie and my husband, step-son, step-son's friend and I will be going to see Monsters vs Aliens at noon.  I'm not sure she understands that her dad was serious about her not going - right now, she's upstairs getting ready/primping for her day at the theater.

I have a feeling we haven't dealt with the last of this yet...

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  1. I'm sitting here holding my breath waiting to hear what happens.... PLEASE POST SOON!!!!